Light Ideas For Your Kitchen

You might not have noticed it, but kitchen lighting has changed.

It’s no longer the frumpy and plain incandescent bulb dangling ominously from the light fitting, nor is it the flickering of a malfunctioning strip light.

Today’s kitchen is more likely to feature stylish and sleek LED inbouw spots and other types of built-in spots LED. Find more details at


One of the reasons for the great changes in kitchen lighting and the rise of inbouwspotjes LED, is due to the fact the kitchen is no longer solely a space for toil and work at the sink or stove.

Of course, this still happens as well and even with the advent of appliances to take the drudgery out of the washing, cooking and cleaning, you are probably going to spend a lot of time engaged in these tasks.

But since the last few years, the rise of the kitchen as a social space has really taken off.

It is now part of the living space in a home. This means the lighting has also changed.


It is not enough to make the kitchen just a functional food prep area.

Although, of course, it is still this too.

And you will still be needing the right inbouw LED spotjes to shine a light on you as you peel, chop and dice the veg.

These can be mounted on the tops of and on the underside, of your kitchen units.

This can then direct the focused task lighting down to where it is needed the most and better still these LED inbouw spots can be spread about – on work units and in recesses.

Inbouwspotjes LED can be fitted to the tops of cookers and also make handy lights to illuminate your kitchen cupboards and shelves.

The use of LED fittings like mooie LED spot keuken can help emphasize the size of the kitchen, by making the ceiling look higher.


But as we have said, today you want to do more with your kitchen than just cook and clean.

It might be that you have chosen to knock through the party wall between the kitchen and the living room. Or perhaps between the kitchen and the dining room. Or maybe, all three!

You might have a large space to play with and you will be doing an awful lot more than just work in it. Or, so you hope!

Even if your kitchen is a more modest size, you might have found a way to squeeze a small dining table or even an easy chair into it.

For these reasons, you are going to want some soft lighting with which to unwind by.

Leave the task specific spotlights where they are and think about introducing some smaller and less direct inbouwspots LED into the walls, alcoves and ceiling in these other, more relaxed areas.

For a dining table – or perhaps also a kitchen island – low hanging pendant lights can work very well.

The trend is now on for cafe lights or polished rounded copper pendants over kitchen islands.

This can also look good for the dining table, but just remember about your guests standing up to leave the table and make sure they are not in the way.

Focus on making any dining space more intimate, by bringing the light to the table.

This helps to foster an atmosphere of cozy closeness, as well as adds to the overall design factor in your room.

For added atmosphere, what about making all of your kitchen lights dimmable?

That’s right, today even LED inbouw spots can work perfectly well with the dimmer switch.

Being able to turn the lights down low, wherever you are in the kitchen, adds to the chilled design and overall ambient feel immensely.